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                                                                                                                                                                           Jean Pauley 2016

Contact our author, Jean Pauley: 480-720-7341

After twelve years of private Catholic school, the author attended University of Houston, Rice University, and University of Arkansas in Little Rock, Arkansas, to name just a few corridors she walked between marriages and raising four children. She graduated from Grand Canyon University with a BA in English Literature and a Minor in Behavioral Sciences.  Our author designs purposeful dialogues throughout her books to cause her readers to have breakthroughs, always challenging her reader to make paradigm shifts from the individual's acceptable norm to something greater possessing more possibility.  

Her creative energy flows because she is connected with the only source of life—the Word of the Holy Bible and His Son, Jesus Christ. This author's writing reflects her discernment between the carnal man, whose mind is disconnected from his spirit man, and the spirit man, who is connected to something greater than his flesh. What moves, motivates, and inspires the flesh is different from what moves, motivates, and inspires the spirit man, and in this lesson discovered throughout the pages of her novels, Pauley's readers are left with an understanding that they are a child of our God Most High. 

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