Jean Pauley


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                                                                                                                                                                           Photograph by Anne-Marie Pauley

Jean Pauley, author of Heading For Heartbreak, her debut novel of her bestseller book series, currently lives in the USA, and pens more psychological-comedic dramas. After twelve years of private Catholic school, the author attended University of Houston, Rice University, and University of Arkansas in Little Rock, Arkansas, to name just a few corridors she walked. She graduated in 1999 cum laud with a BA in English Literature and a Minor in Behavioral Sciences from Grand Canyon University, a small, private Baptist university in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jean Pauley aspires to give back hope to the walking dead. Her character development is award-winning and leaves her reader salivating for more understanding of the human condition. For three decades, the author has consistently attended Landmark Education Corporation, which sells paradigm shifts globally. Jean Pauley is a lifetime student in the development of individual transformation, effectiveness, and communication. Her writing reflects her deep understanding of both the carnal man and the spirit man.  Her creative energy flows because she is connected with the source of "life"--the Living God of the Holy Bible and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Jean makes the distinction in her storytelling between the carnal man, whose mind is disconnected from his soul, and the spirit man, who is connected to something greater than his flesh. What moves, motivates, and inspires the carnal man, is completely different from what moves, motivates, and inspires the spirit man.

The 5’9” woman of English/Irish and German/Russian descent is the oldest of four children and a seventh generation Texan. Jean grew up in a lower middle-class American suburb with both her parents living under the same roof together until they passed away in their golden years. Her mother, born in the 30’s, was a discontent stay-at-home mom with no college degree or career after marriage. Jean’s stoic father, a college graduate, was the product of the Great Depression and worked for the same paper mill for forty-five years as a lowly-paid bean counter.  Jean and her three younger siblings lived in one small, ratty home their entire childhood, and each sibling attended twelve years at the same private Catholic school on the wrong side of the tracks. Jean never left Texas until after the age of nineteen. As a young person, Jean felt she suffered severe, mind-numbing boredom while growing up at home.  She escaped her childhood prison, via a too-young marriage, and simultaneously designed her adult life from an unconscious program that dictated the word “stable” to be an undesirable state reserved only for victims.

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